NESSO is connected with 5,00+ famers to source floral and herbal raw materials. NESSO’s agronomy team engages with farmers through the entire cultivation cycle, from planning to inputs to harvesting. We educate the farmers on efficient technologies to measure soil health, quality of inputs and yield, thereby reducing the risk and cultivation cost for farmers.




Acres of farm land



Soil Health Check:

Our agronomists closely work with farmers to check soil health twice a year. This helped addressing the nutritional inadequacies in the soil and rationalize nutrient & fertilizer use. Farmers benefited by improving soil health, increased yields, and move towards sustainable farming.

Seeds & Inputs:

Seed is primary input in cultivation. NESSO educates farmers in proper seed storage for better crop yield. For our strategic products, we supply controlled seeds to farmers. Our agronomy team conducts regular training of farmers on awareness of climate change, good agricultural practices, child labour management, irrigation methods & water conservation, making compost from farm wastes, emergency handling procedures, disposal of waste, etc.

Cultivation Planning:

With access to limited information, the farmer is dependent on unpredictable climate, middlemen or neighboring farmers to decide what to grow on his land. Our agronomists work closely with the farmers to understand their current cultivation pattern, restructure their cultivation mix, and help create opportunities for continuous supply throughout the year. NESSO’s initiatives have reflected its commitment towards promotion of biodiversity, sustainable agriculture practices by taking responsibility for environmental impacts.

Social Upliftment:

For many farmers agriculture is a lifelong investment of time, energy and resources. NESSO contributes financially and emotionally to make agriculture a secure business for farmers and a greater chance of a sustainable future for their next generation. The impact of our handholding has resulted in up to 50% increase in farmer’s income. NESSO ensures respect of human rights and fair working conditions to improve the well-being of field workers.

During the Covid-19 pandemic NESSO distributed groceries to front line workers, donated Covid -19 medical Kits, personal protective kits and first aid kits to administration & farmer groups. NESSO organizes regular free medical camps for farmers.

NESSO has planted around 1000 trees and 1500 saplings of endangered species every year since 2018 and distributed 124MT compost.

Every year NESSO distributes free books for School Libraries in various villages to facilitate child education.

These relentless efforts towards ethical sourcing of raw materials with complete Traceability, commitment to sustainability and upliftment of stakeholders across the supply-chain gained NESSO the FOR LIFE certificate.

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