Jasmine grandiflorum

Fragrant jasmine flowers have been used since antiquity for personal adornment and in religious ceremonies. With unique aromatic odor this delicate flower has found its use in cosmetics and perfumes.

NESSO buys the flowers directly from the farmers who have been cultivating grandiflorum for the company for over 30 years. We have perfected the art of cultivation and manufacturing grandiflorum ensuring highest quality absolute with low pesticides & phthalate content.

Our Jasmine grandiflorum concrete / absolutes is certified FOR LIFE.

Jasmine grandiflorum Absolute

BOTANICAL NAMEJasminum grandiflorum
COMPONENTSlinalool, benzyl acetate, indole, eugenol, cis-jasmone, benzyl benzoate
OLFACTORY DESCRIPTIONTypical floral fruity jasmine note with a distinctive clove background facet
SOLUBILITYSoluble at 10% in ethyl alcohol 96%
CAS NUMBER8022-96-6
1 kg is made from about 800 kg of flowers

NESSO is the only company certified FOR LIFE for Grandiflorum concrete and absolute by ECOCERT.

We have more than 500 farmers registered under the FOR LIFE certification. Our farmers employ a proprietary method to cultivate Grandiflorum exclusively for NESSO, which focuses on reduced pesticide application and use of organic practices.

What does this certification signify?
FOR LIFE certification means NESSO’s Grandiflorum is 100% ethically sourced with complete Traceability, commitment to sustainability and adherence to fair wages principles across the supply-chain. This has been verified by Ecocert as per global standards.

What does this certification mean to our customers?
When the customers buy from NESSO they can be assured that the Grandiflorum is cultivated using organic practices, manufactured in a facility that is fully compliant to international standards and they get a superior quality Grandiflorum absolute which is free from contaminants.

Why does this certification matter?
NESSO is strictly bound by the frameworks and ethics laid down by ECOCERT’s FOR LIFE objectives. We follow the strictest standards while ensuring long term benefit to the society as a whole.

Over 400 farmers cultivate grandiflorum exclusively for us
With an expertise of 40 years, we know precisely at which time to harvest flowers in order to give best quality product to our customers
Our process ensures to retain all the delicate and complex fragrance molecules of grandiflorum carefully monitored under GMP conditions.





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