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NESSO aims to build a sustainable model where we contribute positively to the society by keeping the long-term interest of our stakeholders, local community and environment. The CSR activities are run through NR FOUNDATION. Through the foundation, we run several projects to effect a positive change in the community.

The Ranga rao Memorial School for the Disabled started in the year 1988 is a free residential school for visually challenged girls.

Ranga Gnana Vinimaya Kendra, a center for intellectual discussion and debate was started in the year 1990 to serve the senior citizens of Mysore.

“Project Prerepana” is the new initiative of the NR Foundation. It focuses on promotion of health and education (two critical components for Human Development, as enunciated by United Nations Development Programme) in the selected slums in the city of Mysore with focus on youth, women and children.


Womens empowerment initiative Providing training to Tribal and economically backward women in Bamboo Splitting, Agarbathies Rolling and Packaging of Agarbathies thereby providing a livelihood for them.


NGOs  directory NR has brought out a directory of NGO's (Non Governmental Voluntary Organizations working in Mysore and Chamarajanagar Districts) engaged in service to the

economically, socially and physically challenged section of the society.